Omega 3 Fish Oil

with 1200mg EPA & 900mg DHA

Omega 3 Fish Oil
Omega 3 Fish Oil
Omega 3 Fish Oil
Omega 3 Fish Oil
Omega 3 Fish Oil
Omega 3 Fish Oil
Omega 3 Fish Oil
Omega 3 Fish Oil
Omega 3 Fish Oil
Omega 3 Fish Oil

A specially formulated, ultra-pure, triple strength Fish Oil with 1200 mg EPA and 900 mg DHA.

  • Icelandic Wild-Caught Fish
  • Triple Strength
  • No Fishy Taste
  • Maximum Absorption
  • Mercury Free
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Clinically Demonstrated to Aid Weight Loss

If you suffer from excess body fat, inflammation, cognitive decline, or mood problems…

Then Natural Path Omega 3 Fish Oil is the answer.

Numerous clinical studies support the weight reduction benefits of fish oil and Omega 3.

One study discovered that fish oil significantly reduced weight, BMI, and total fat mass in test subjects, compared to the control group.

The Laboratory of Nutrition in France concluded that “dietary fish oil reduces body fat mass and stimulates lipid oxidation.”

Studies have found consumption of fish oil for just 12 weeks can increase metabolism by 3.8%. This means you will be able to convert food to energy more efficiently, giving your body more fuel and less fat.

Consuming fish oil can also amplify the amount of calories and fat you burn during exercise. You will be able to lose weight with less effort.

A Natural Brain Boosting Formula

Fish oil has numerous benefits for the brain.

Studies show fish oil improves mood dramatically. Researchers from the Department of Psychiatry in Pittsburgh concluded that Omega 3 improved mood disorders among adults.

Fish oil also improves cognition. Scientists from Martek Biosciences Corporation found people suffering from cognitive decline show improvement after consuming DHA.

They report that DHA improves learning and memory function in people with ARCD (age-related cognitive decline).

Fish oil preserves cell membrane health and facilitates communication between brain cells.

Lack of DHA causes deficits in learning and memory. Natural Path Omega 3 Fish Oil contains 900 mg of DHA, which more than fulfills your body’s needs.

Most Heart-Healthy Natural Supplement on the Market

Studies show people who consume fish have lower rates of heart problems as they age.

The New England Journal of Medicine reported that the consumption of fish and Omega 3’s “may be of preventative value in relation to heart [conditions].”

Studies claim fish oil benefits the heart by:

Increasing “good” HDL cholesterolLowering triglyceridesReducing blood pressureAnd preventing arterial plaque from forming

A Whole Month’s Supply of Omega 3 Fish Oil in a Single Bottle

With Natural Path Omega 3 Fish Oil, getting your daily dose couldn’t be easier.

Simply take 3 softgels a day with your meals. You’ll soon experience effective weight loss, less inflammation, clear thinking, and a strong heart.

This supplement is all-natural, and features a delicious lemon flavor. There is no need to worry about a fishy taste with this supplement.

Natural Path Fish Oil is sourced from Icelandic wild-caught fish, and it’s quality is unsurpassed.

You won’t find a higher quality brand of Omega 3 Fish Oil anywhere else.

Disclaimer: The results may vary from person to person.

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